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9/4/15 2:47pm - 9/4/2015 @ 2:47pm – Update: The vendor engineering team has collected additional information and is actively working towards a resolution.   9/3/2015 @ 3:10pm - Update:  Efforts to resolve authentication issues have caused VPN tunnel issues to remote sites.  We are working with the vendor to resolve.  This does not impact AnyConnect VPN sessions for users. 9/2/2015 @ 11:30am – Update: The vendor engineering team has asked for additional information related to the affected appliance. That information has been collected and uploaded to them for review. In the interim, we have developed workaround to prevent the issue from reoccurring while a permanent solution is developed by the vendor. 9/1/2015 @ 11:22pm – Update: The vendor believes that they have identified the source of the appliance memory leak. We will collect detailed logs for the engineers this evening and work with them tomorrow to determine next steps. 8/31/2015 @ 3:55pm – Update: The DoIT troubleshooting team is still working with the appliance vendor and anticipates having a path to remediation this week. This evening, we will conduct another appliance failover and reboot in order to keep the memory leak in check, we not expect a customer-facing impact from the failover activities. 8/28/2015 @ 10:08am – Update: We are continuing to work with the network appliance vendor to identify a resolution path for our RPC traffic interruptions.  We are investigating the possibility of appliance reboots as well as code upgrades.  Given the potential for broader service disruption as a result of these activities, we are carefully evaluating the risks and potential timing of any changes. 8/26/2015 @  4:57pm– Update: The DoIT Back to School Team has identified a potential bug with a network security appliance at the Data Center perimeter that appears to be intermittently interrupting RPC traffic when under high load. This issue not only affects Active Directory traffic including authentication and Group Policy, but also a myriad of other Microsoft technologies. Other affected applications include, but are not limited to, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Exchange, and Lync. We are currently engaged with the security appliance vendor’s top engineering team to determine the scope of the issue and the best path to forward to address and eliminate the service interruptions being caused by the bug. 8/25/2015 @ 2:00pm – Update: The DoIT Back to School Team will be making configuration changes on two domain controllers in order to gather additional log data for analysis. We will reconvene with the vendor in the morning to review the newly-collected information and decide on a course of action. 8/24/2015 @ 8:010pm – Update: The DoIT Back to School Team continues to monitor the campus infrastructure and is  working with the vendor to investigate and address the issue until it is resolved. 8/24/2015 @ 3:05pm – Update:  The DoIT Back to School Team is continuing to monitor these occasional disruptions and is working with vendors on root cause discovery.  At this point, the errors do NOT appear to be impacting Blackboard, PeopleSoft, or Wireless. So far, most Faculty/Staff email issues have been cleared up by attempting a second log in. As always, customers experiencing an issue should report it to Tech Support for further assistance. 8/24/2015 Advisory: We are receiving reports of intermittent Active Directory authentication errors that could be causing login issues in Exchange and other products.  Technicians are working with the vendor to resolve the issue. [details]

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